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Old 03-05-2018, 07:56 AM
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Default Calling Out the Blockchain Gender Gap

There is no excuse for the lack of female representation in the Blockchain industry. More so, it is unacceptable for any industry. This pattern of young male entrepreneurs leading and monopolizing the world of technology has been going on for ages, prominently in the Silicon Valley, and now we think it has been endured for too long.

In the world of Blockchain women are simply not major contenders in an investment of cryptocurrency as they make up a small portion, 4 to 6 percent, of overall blockchain investors. This may be a result of the male-oriented clubs that have surfaced like “blockchain bros”, that tend to marginalize women and prefer exclusivity. This further makes it difficult for women to compete or even exist in such spaces. But Blockchain is supposed to be different. It came up with the ideology of creating a decentralized, transparent, and equal system for all. Surely with these values, it could foster inclusion and equality?

If there is already an inclination for male dominance so soon with the emergence of Blockchain, where does that put women in the near future of cryptocurrency? This behavior can influence the industry for years to come, making equality a questionable prospect. An article in the Times highlighted a tweet by venture capitalist Alexia Bonatsos, that urged women to ‘consider crypto’, ‘otherwise the men are going to get all the wealth, again’.

Why is This the Reality?
How is it that women do not enter the sacred space of Blockchain, and are not already big players in these digital investment plans? Speculations of exclusion come from women being judged for their qualifications in the industry, but it is not necessary to possess a degree to be a good investor. Those who pursue careers as analysts, investors, engineers, and more are at times criticised for their appearance and ability to be a part of the crypto world. It certainly does not help that a recent Bitcoin convention was held at a Miami strip club.

However, despite the obstacles, there are leaders in the industry that try to create the opportunity and platform for women to join Blockchain. These projects show definite progress and will draw thousands to become investors.

According to the Director of Development at Digital Currency Group, Meltem Demirors, there is a prospect for change that will force the old and biased system to go female. She reports that the number of female Blockchain startup founders is increasing as well as the admission of female investors in crypto venture capital. Although there is still a long while to go before all is fair, she remains positive.

With the help of startups and major companies promoting diversity in the industry, Money Trade Coin Group would also reinforce such initiatives and will set the wheels in motion for equality in the future.
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