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Old 01-10-2018, 05:16 AM
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Default Why Copy Trading is Best in Forex

For most people, manual forex trading is a real struggle. That’s because you have to do your own extensive research in order to make all trading decisions. You also have to deal with unexpected changes in the market, which can rip apart even the best-laid trading strategies. And if you’re a rookie trader, all of these challenges will simply hit you harder.
Thankfully, the Internet brought about immense changes in how forex trading is done. Instead of watching experts on CNBC, traders can now tune in to what they are really interested in. Suddenly, trading became much more social. The rise of social trading platforms and networks means that you can now get in touch with peers who have the same interests and exchange trading information that is mutually beneficial.

The Rise of Copy Trading
Now that forex trading has become a central part of the online financial market community, many new investment options have started to emerge. For instance, a lot of traders have begun focusing on investment areas like trading in binary options.

However, all this gives you is a chance to establish market positions. If you want to go further and snag actual strategies that will help you determine active positions in the market, this won’t help you. And, for many traders who are still new to the forex scene, their number one objective is to come up with a proven strategy that can lead to profits every time.
One approach that has quickly gained massive popularity is copy trading. Successful veteran traders publish live trades for the rest of us to copy. This is good news, especially for new or inexperienced traders. It ensures that novices can learn the ropes and start making profits faster. After all, the best way to learn a new trade is by watching (and copying) what the master is doing!

Of course, it makes sense to copy trades from mentors that have a long history of consistently generating profitable trades. There are always traders that have great short-term streaks that bring about nice profits. However, copy trading is best when you find veterans who are able to generate consistent profits over time.

Advantages of Copy Trading
The main advantages of copy trading come to those who are relatively new to the market. That’s because the practice allows these traders to identify, monitor, and learn trading strategies that work. It helps keep new traders from putting in a lot of money into the market before having a clearly defined strategy.

Copy trading also limits the potential losses that are usually associated with new positioning. This is great because such early losses are usually massive and crippling for new traders. So, it makes sense for them to learn the ropes from advanced veterans in the early stages of their trading careers.
But the most obvious advantage of copy trading is profit. The practice allows new traders to access trading strategies that have been proven to work. This, in turn, ensures that even the early trades are as profitable as possible. By increasing a trader’s earning potential and reducing the risk of losses, copy trading increases the chances of success.

Here are some other pros of copy trading:
• It allows new traders to join the forex trade with little knowledge of the market.
• It is a great avenue for generating passive income. Other investment avenues require a lot more time and effort.
• It reins in emotional traders, giving them a better way of doing such transactions.
• Copy trading helps manage risk more efficiently than manual trading.
• It also gives you a large pool of experienced traders to follow. This gives you access to a wide range of knowledge that will be invaluable in your own practice.

All in all, copy trading should be viewed as a great way for new traders to start positioning in the market. Thankfully, there are many platforms and networks online that will be able to help you start your own practice today.
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Old 02-15-2018, 06:20 AM
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Default Re: Why Copy Trading is Best in Forex

Great post. Copy trading can give you lot of profit in Forex but it is also risky and you can lose your money if the trader you are copying also use.So if you can make your own strategy then it will be good.

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Old 03-17-2019, 09:21 PM
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Default Re: Why Copy Trading is Best in Forex

I like to trade with my own style instead of copying. And this is where FreshForex to me is good. I feel nice with their structure which is lovely with having everything to help working. I am not an expert but with following up of their Market Analysis, it eases out things for me and enables me to perform in best possible way.

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