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Old 10-31-2007, 11:19 AM
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Default Re: Feng Shui and debt trap

I beg to differ....probably I'm Chinese so I do believe in FS........to me FS does help promote the flow of wealth qi into the room. But thats all it does......to offer you better opportunities that comes into your path....if you fail to take advantage of the opportunities, then nothing good will come out of it......

Anyway, I have the advantage of being in charge of the renovatio nof my office when it was moving, and I took the opportunity to shift EVERYONE into one of their good directions, with the exception of one....As of 1 Nov 07, he will be posted out of HQ into our regional office.........

As for myself, of course I put myself into one of the best seats in the office, and placed a world map behind me to block off the window (which signifies support from superiors), and true enough, my Director who likes me quite alot offered me alot of protection and opportunities over the past 2 months.......

Anyway, whether you believe this or not its up to you........just my personal opinion.....
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