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Old 07-21-2017, 06:56 AM
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Default The perfect way to manage your losing trades

Everyone in this world struggles very hard to earn their living. Even after doing all the hard work some people still find it hard to fulfill their financial need. Due to this global crisis, every single individual is looking for an alternative source of income which will make their life much better. Though you have a wide range of professionals to choose many prefer trading as their best alternative source of income. Even the young generation in Switzerland are fascinated with trading. They know very well that if they can learn the perfect way to trade then they can easily make money in the online trading world. Most importantly they can earn their living with a small amount deposit by using the high-leverage trading account provided by reputed broker like Saxo. But before you consider trading as your full-time profession you need to learn the perfect way to lose. Sounds interesting? Indeed it is! Once you read the full article we will understand the importance of managed loss in the traderís career.

Losing is just a part of the traderís career
Trading is nothing but taking managed risk. The novice traders often risk too much and blow their entire trading account. But things are not like this in the professional trading community. Every single one of them trades the live assets with proper money management and they know without this they will not make any real progress. So when you find any possible trade entry think of the worst case scenario. You need to think how much you will be affected if the trade goes wrong. If you become mentally prepare for taking the loss then you will not get frustrated with your trade output. The new traders execute a trade to make money but the expert trade to see what the market has to offer to them. So never expect anything from this volatile market.

Limit your risk by using the 2 percent rule
Those who are involved in forex trading for a long period of time must know about the famous 2 percent rule. This is nothing but threshold level set by the experts. When you trade the market you should never take more than 2 percent risk any single trade. Some of you might think that the trade setup is perfect and everything goes in favor of their analysis why not take a high risk. But trust us, no one in this industry has survived by taking a big risk. You learn the advanced money management system and save your trading capital. Never focus on the potential profit on any executed trade rather think about the amount of money you can lose by trading. If you can develop this habit then profit will automatically come to your pocket.

Use price action trading strategy to reduce your risk exposure
Price action trading is very much popular among the expert Swiss traders. Once you learn the candlestick pattern you can easily trade the key support and resistance level with precise stop loss and take profit level. Those who trade the market with indicator based trading system suffers hard to find the perfect stop for their trade. But being a price action trader you will never have to worry about your potential stop loss and take profit level. The expert uses the candlestick pattern to set a tight stop loss for each trade they execute. Though price action trading system is highly profitable yet you should always follow the 2percent rule to save your account capital.
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Old 07-29-2017, 05:17 AM
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Default Re: The perfect way to manage your losing trades

The perfect way to manage your losing trades is to use perfect strategies and latest techniques of share market. If you are continuously loosing money then to recover it you can refer best trading tips from market experts.
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Old 08-02-2017, 06:53 PM
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Default Re: The perfect way to manage your losing trades

Hello there,

Losing money is an unavoidable part of investing, and will happen to everyone at some point. Although this is on a slight tangent, you must remember the fact that you shouldn't throw more money into your account if you are making a significant amount of losses. If you can't trade with say $1,000 in your portfolio, then how is adding more money going to help? I also really like your insight adamsmiths.

Thanks in advance,

James Gallagher


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Old 09-07-2017, 03:36 PM
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Default Re: The perfect way to manage your losing trades

I agree with the rules, some pro traders do not even invest more than just 1% of their capital into a single position.
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