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Old 04-07-2016, 10:24 PM
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Default Need to change software, from Microsoft Money.

Hi everybody,

I just joined up here and it looks like some interesting forums!

Needed some advice with this please:

There are just two of us. We're on SS and SSD, are low income ( not poverty, just low ), have a part time 10-15 hour a week sole proprietor home based business, to make ends meet, and it's literally run out of a Microsoft Money check book. ( Microsoft Money 2002 - yes it still runs on Windows 7 ) Our personal checkbook is also run out of Microsoft Money.

I have absolutely zero bookkeeping experience or training and don't even know how to get income and expense stuff out of Microsoft Money.

With our last few tax people, we'd give them all our receipts and the checkbook files from Microsoft Money and they'd get one of the free Microsoft Money readers and sort it out, and do our personal and business taxes.

But as I'm painfully SURE you know, Microsoft Money is obsolete now, and no one wants to even deal with it anymore. ( We just dropped our last tax person from last year, because she delayed our mortgage refi by neglecting to file our taxes for 6 weeks after we paid her! ) So we tried calling around and just got turned down by 14 tax people for mentioning that we needed them to deal with Microsoft Money!

Some have suggested switching everything to Quickbooks, but it's expensive and complicated for what we're doing here and others have told me that it's pretty much for larger businesses than we have. I mean, we deposit checks in the bank from clients and pay ourselves once a month, and have no external employees - just us two family members.

And like I said, I have no training in it. It looks like they're renting it now, instead of people even owning it now, and it's expensive and hard to get into, especially as simple as our little business is.

So what would you suggest for replacing Microsoft Money ( software that tax people can use files from! ), and can it import Money files, so we can get our taxes done now, for LAST year?

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