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Old 07-10-2010, 12:57 AM
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Default Laeeque Ahmad Fraud, Stay Away

Canada’s worst real estate agent Laeeque Ahmad from Remax

647 628 6643

The award goes to him because he has successfully ruined hundreds of people’s home deals and dreams. He has scammed and defrauded many innocent new comers to Canada by promising them payments and making bogus sale conditions that’s not only illegal but also a crime in this country.
This raises doubts and questions about the authenticity of the Ontario Real Estate Board as an organization and its complaint procedures. There are many horror stories about complaints received by them and RECO with no actions taken towards sales agents. Do we need such a governing body ?
Lets ask Faisal Malik, who approached me recently and who also landed in Toronto in 2008 with three young kids and $25,000 CAD, his entire life savings. He found Laeeque’s advertisement in the local papers at his neighborhoods grocer. After contacting Laeeque he met with him and regrets this fateful day up until today.
Laeeque assured him that he did not require any credit history to purchase a home and also did not require a down payment as Laeeque would be able to get his mortgage approved unconditional only because Faisal was a new immigrant to Canada and so it begins.
Laeeque told Faisal that he would require a $10,000 deposit paid in cash as that would go to Remax and would be given back to him after his mortgage and the purchase of his home was finalized. Laeeque said that Remax required this payment so that they can determine serious buyer from non-serous ones. The sum of $10,000 was paid in cash to Laeeque Ahmed.
You probably know by now where this story is headed. Yes, Faisal never heard from Laeeque again, and it took Faisal six months before he could figure out what needed to be done and was then finally assisted by someone who knew the complaint filing procedures.
There was no evidence or an agreement in place with Laeeque, the Real Estate Board was not coherent as they wanted proof, leaving Faisal stranded and a big percentage of his savings vanished in thin air. Faisal never purchased a house and now lives in a rented basement with his family.
This issue still to this date goes unresolved along with many other complaints about Laeeque Ahmed. Laeeque covers all tracks making sure he is not reported to RECO or any such issues that can be proven in the courts.
The question once again, do we need such a governing body that poorly approves and provides licenses to such unethical agents such as Laeeque Ahmed? Is OREA just out there just to collect their fees and randomly handout so called legal documents to destroy someone’s dreams and their life savings?
Laeeque Ahmed has breached every such conditions imposed by OREA or RECO. In fact he is the most disgraceful individual in the Pakistani community with fraud and bogus deals running in the millions. I am urging the Real Estate Council of Ontario and the Consumer Protection Agency, and any governing body that he be stripped of his license as a realtor before more damage is done. Hope this request does not fall on to deaf ears.
New immigrants are naïve, vulnerable and uninformed about OREA or RECO procedures of filing a complaint while people like Faisal and hundreds more fall prey to agents such as these.

Susan D’souza
Working with new immigrants.

The article above are complaints and information on how Laeeque Ahmed fooled imigrants and some people who are buying new houses, These people had talked to Susan D'souza about their experiences that's why she wants to warn others about this Laeeque Ahmad..
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Old 07-10-2010, 01:22 AM
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Default Re: Laeeque Ahmad Fraud, Stay Away

Anti-Fraud International
is the right website for you
Answers are for general information only and should not be construed or relied upon as legal or financial advice.

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Old 07-14-2010, 08:25 PM
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Default Laeeque Ahmad not Fraud, plz read

Hello everyone, My name is Laeeque Ahmad. I am a Realtor with an excellent repute in the Market since 7 to 8 years
There are numerous BLOGS against me on the internet. But please Note that all the blogs started from July 3rd 2010 and all of them have only the same 5 stories and all of them are hosted by the same person using 5 different IDs. I.e Francis,Abba,Lol123,Rajul Ratna and Khahim. And this person is constantly posting these blogs even till today i.e July 14th, 2010
I know who this person is and why is he doing so. But at this point I would only like to disclose that I had a dispute with one of my clients on June 25th, 2010 and he not only started using foul language against me but also started threatening me and that too, not verbally but over the SMS. I asked him to resolve the matter either in the court of law or through arbitration.
But I believe that he knew that he was wrong and cannot win anywhere so rather than going to arbitration or to the court, he text messaged me….. That “I assure you no one in Ontario will purchase a house from you” these are his exact words I have taken from the SMS and they are still sitting on my cell phone.
Since this person has a DOT COM business from years so he is very well aware with the tricks and techniques on how to promote his business by writing fake and favorable testimonials for his company using various chartrooms and forums as a platform, with his fake and untraceable IDs. So obviously he took advantage of his skills and started defaming me using the same tricks.

Now I would like to answer and clarify all the allegations he has posted against me one by one.
According to him there is a person “Susan De souza” and her designation is “working with new immigrants” now does this title “working with new immigrants make any sense to anyone? What kind of work she is working with the new immigrants? Which organization is she working for? Where is she? Who is she? If she is really helping the immigrants than why is she hiding? Why is she not bold enough to come forward and help the new immigrants gracefully? Is she scared of anyone in a country like Canada? Off course she doesn’t exists.
The article talks about Mr. Faisal Malik who is a new immigrant landed in 2008 along with his 3 children and $2500 and then he got my advert from the local newspaper from his neighborhood. And then he gave me cash $10000 and then I disappeared and then he couldn’t locate me and then he don’t even know how to complaint against me and then finally after 6 months somebody told him how to complaint against me and then he did the complaint in the Real Estate Boards and then nothing happened as there was no proof…….What a story.
I would like to mention here that it can easily be proved by all the local news papers that I was not advertising at all in any newspapers in 2008, so there is not a question about Faisal Malik seeing my advert from the news papers.
Secondly can any one of you buy the fact that anyone can just give any stranger $10,000 in cash without any receipt or proof?
Even if he was so stupid to do that, why hasn’t he contacted the police, what was stopping him?And if he had launched any complaints against me in the Real Estate Board then no matter he won or lost there should at least be some record about that complaint.
I invite all the readers to go to the RECO website that is the only governing body for the real estate complaints and see if there is ever any complaint against me.
I can proudly say that in my long real estate career by the grace of Allah almighty I have no complaints against me either in any Real Estate Boards, Consumer Protection Board or Police Station or even in any chat rooms and forums.If I had ruined hundreds of people’s (according to the article against me) then there should at least be one complaint against me anywhere.
I really have a lot to say in my defense and against that person who is hiding himself behind the proxy servers and hosting these blogs via Philippines, India and States…. But rather than making it too long I would just like to give that person a message:
That Mr. I am not scared of your false allegations, If You have any truth in your fake blogs, then be a man and come forward, This is Canada and things here are resolved in a peaceful manner through the court of law.
Try and face me in a forum where you don’t have to hide like a coward, like Court of law, Arbitration, TV, Radio or even newspaper, where you will have to disclose your ID before you start throwing junk on others. Do U have the guts to do that????
Now I would like to reply on the rest of the 4 articles against me brieflywhich this person in posting every where through 5 fake ids:
1)The article says:
Laeeque Ahmad offered my wife fake pay stubs. He created them for him and now we are in trouble. Laeeque says he had no involvement and do not recall doing any such thing. The banks called us in because they found out. What should we do ? We do not know where to complain and lawyers cost a lot of money

My defense: First of all I am a realtor not a mortgage broker or an accountant, so why should I make anybody’s pay stubs? Secondly even if there is a case like that, still the banks don’t call the applicant, they just refuse the mortgage, and if they have to take any action, they take the action against the mortgage broker through their legal department and never directly contact the person who applied for the mortgage. Unless the applicant has applied for the mortgage directly from the bank and if that is the case than it means that the applicant has made the fake paystubs herself. ….. So the above story is totally NONSENSE.
2)The article says:
My dad bought a house from him, we do regret working with Laeeque because he played both sides and made us pay extra money on the side assuring us we would get the price we wanted for the property if we did so. My dad paid him $2000 and ended up paying asking price for the house after that. Laeeque is an asshole

My defence: If the readers have any clue about the real estate transactions they should very well know that the landlord accepts or rejects the price not the listing or the co-operating agents. And the purchaser decides what is the maximum price he or she is willing to pay otherwise the transaction cannot take place. The listing or cooperating agents cannot force the buyer’s to pay the asking price specially in a scenario where the buyer has already bribed the agent to get him the price of his choice……isn’t the above article a NONSENSE?.... I think her dad shouldn’t have bought the property at the asking price or at least ask for his $2000 back before signing at the asking price, now in this scenario the baby should decide himself/herself that who is the asshole the agent or his/her dad?
3)The article says:
Laeeque Ahmad is sick, he approached our brokerage with some felicitous deal. We asked him that he do no involve our firm in shady deals like these. Our guess is, stay away from him while buying or selling. His sales pitch may seem too good to be true and it definitely is. Here are some of his contact information.”

My defence:All the readers who have any background about the real estate transactions know that the realtors never approaches any brokerages for any deals they just fill the purchase and sale agreements, get them signed by the buyers and the sellers and the transaction takes place between the buyer’s and the seller’s lawyers, not in the brokerages. Canada’s real estate system is so transparent that the buyers and sellers can’t even have the same lawyer they have to hire different lawyers …..So there is no question about bringing any felicitous or shady deal to any brokerage,,,so obviously the above allegation is again a NONSENSE.
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Old 01-17-2011, 07:00 AM
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Default Re: Laeeque Ahmad Fraud, Stay Away

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