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Old 08-30-2013, 05:25 PM
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Default Little known credit tips & secrets

The following is an interesting, and hopefully useful excerpt from my EBook “Credit Fundamentals”.

……like a lot of our dreams in life, we’ll enthusiastically set out on a project; but if it turns out in a negative way, we tend to give up and never try again. But there is wisdom in the saying that if you get knocked down once, then you should get up and give it another shot. This is not only true with life but also with credit. As evidence of this, here are some facts that most consumers didn’t know was possible in the credit world – I hope it serves to let you know that anything is possible; especially in the world of finance:

· It’s easier to finance a car if you’ve just had a BK7 discharged than if you only had a recent 30 day late – yes, it’s true! As lenders we would rather lend to someone who has no debts (BK7) and can’t file BK (especially if you just discharged one) instead of someone who appears to be having current credit issues. In fact, many “special financing” departments at New / Used car dealerships target recent BK discharges as ways to get new business.

· A simple way to boost your credit score if you have been denied for a credit card or other credit is to have a trusted friend or relative allow you to be added to their account as an “authorized user”. On credit bureaus this helps add activity periods, credit availability, and good standing to help…………
For more credit information, search for "Credit Fundamentals" by Brian Sapp on Amazon and purchase the full eBook.
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Default Re: Little known credit tips & secrets

If you think you have excellent credit because you pay off all your bills in full every month, you are wrong! Think about it. Your lenders want you to carry some amount of debt - they make their money by charging you interest on the balance in your account. If you pay off 100% of your balance every month, your lenders are not realizing any revenue from your account.
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