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Old 03-21-2013, 03:27 AM
bryanadams8545 bryanadams8545 is offline
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Default Tips for Safe Online Shopping

I know that there are lots of people who love to purchase online and have their stuffs delivered on their doorstep. This is the best functionality that online stores, like eBay, Amazon, Play-Asia and many more, give. Here, I have listed some tips that a frequent online buyer must know to keep them safe from fraud and phishing.

  1. Always use a Secured Internet Connection.
    You have a secured connection once you see a "lock icon" on you status bar. Like this:

    Another one is the "HTTPS://" protocol on your address bar.
    It is frequently shown when you are logging-in on a page and when you are about to input your personal info like credit card numbers.
  2. Only shop on Trusted Stores.
    If you are just new to this, you try to search for reviews on the internet about that online store wherein you like to purchase. Trusted stores includes a good number of eBay sellers, Amazon, and Play-Asia to name a few.
  3. If possible, Search for Discount Coupons.
    Discount coupons can always be handy. This are unique codes that you can enter before check out.
    You can save alot of money on this.
  4. Compare Similar Shops.
    If you want to buy a certain item from a store and you saw the same item on a different store, try to compare their prices. This is best one on eBay stores since prices differ there.
  5. Be Skeptical.
    Browse first the site you want to purchase your item from. Take a look at all options available. And if there are "good to be true" offers, stay away from them.
    And look for the contact numbers or methods of the seller before buying.
  6. Check their Shipping Fees.
    Shipping fees are being paid by the buyer to have ther item shipped right to their doorstep. Check this frequently. There are selling who are asking more on shipping fees than the actual fee needed.
    On this cases, the item is much more cheaper compared to others. So don't be fools.
    Faster shipping methods costs more.
  7. Protect your Privacy.
    Be sure to check the site's privacy information to know what will they do to the personal details you are giving them.
    On the order form, just fill out the required fields and refrain from adding unnecessary information.
  8. Review Return or Refund Policies.
    Most online stores offer this kind of service. Be sure to review them.
  9. Pay Using Paypal/Credit Card.
    Using these methods, you are be able to say that you are safe from getting your money stolen. You can always file a dispute once the item is not shipped accordingly.
  10. Print a copy of the Order Form.
    This is for record purposes.
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Old 04-02-2013, 12:21 AM
richardberry134 richardberry134 is offline
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Default Re: Tips for Safe Online Shopping

I am Richard here. I am giving some tips for safe online shopping.

1. Always use a Secured Internet Connection.
2. Compare Similar Shops.
3. Check their Shipping Fees.
4. Protect your Privacy.
5. Print a copy of the Order Form.
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Old 04-11-2013, 08:49 AM
simonclay111 simonclay111 is offline
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Default Re: Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Hey Richard, it seems you haven't read bryanadams's post that's why repeating the tips given by him. Or you trying to be over smart?
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Old 04-18-2013, 01:02 AM
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VanReb VanReb is offline
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Default Re: Tips for Safe Online Shopping

While online shopping buy only from those websites whom you trust.
Ensure that the product is legal for your country or not.
You always have to go through with their terms and conditions.
Always check the total cost of you product. (taxes, delivery fees, packaging).
You only go for those company who maintains your privacy.
You must keep the records.
Most important pay securely, while payment always beware that the website you are using your browser recognizes as secure.
These are some tips which I always follow might be it would be useful for you.
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