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Old 01-20-2014, 07:17 AM
Anna McNally Anna McNally is offline
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Default Re: What is the use of Credit card??

Well credit cards have number of advantages, you can use it in any emergencies, online purchases, somehow, it hold your money.

Old 02-28-2014, 02:02 AM
JennyMorrow JennyMorrow is offline
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Default Re: What is the use of Credit card??

Credit cards are provided to valuable customers of bank and come in various types - gold, silver, urban, etc. depending on the credit and withdrawal limits that have been decided.

This is a very good option because you can spend money using a credit card, even when you donít have that money in your account. You can pay your bill later and once your account is credited, you can earn some points on the same.

You can also avail of discounts from stores and win gift vouchers when you use your credit card. Many banks allow zero interest for first 30 or 40 days and after that they charge interest on the pending amount.

Old 03-21-2014, 07:20 AM
jeffnev jeffnev is offline
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Default Re: What is the use of Credit card??

Credit cards are, as has been described, plastic cards that are used for money. It is not your money so is referred to as 'credit', you then pay off this credit plus the contracted interest each month. As it is not your money you are spending you must be careful, it is very easy to get carried away as you are not seeing the cash you are spending, and it is not yours!

Many people get into trouble with credit cards for this reason, but if used sensibly they are very useful. Many people, as mentioned above, use them for things that crop up month by month that cannot always be catered for in a monthly budget, the cost can then be split up across the months which helps to pay for bigger purchases, for instance.

They do help you build a good positive score when used reliably. It shows that you are reliable to borrow and repay credit regularly, so it shows other creditors that you are trustworthy to pay them back. You don't have to use a credit card for this though, you can get pay as you go credit cards from companies such as My Cash Plus (mycashplus.co.uk/top-up-card/)where you can top up with your own money either through your bank, with wages or by standing order (like paying into a savings account really) then you are free to spend it how you wish - a similar idea but without the worry of it getting out of hand and you being left in debt, yet still boosting a credit rating!

There are often additional charges when paying with a credit card on certain websites, airlines especially. Other than this they are a very useful thing to have!


Old 05-06-2014, 01:24 AM
JennyMorrow JennyMorrow is offline
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Default Re: What is the use of Credit card??

There are many good things or advantages of credit card. Many banks offer credit cards with rewards points, cash back facility, etc. In an emergency, you can withdraw cash from ATM by using your credit card. You can avail loan on your credit card also. Donít forget to read term & conditions which apply on each facility provided with your credit card. ADCB is one of the leading banks in UAE offers Gold Credit card which is free for life with fantastic benefits and rewarding features. For more info, please visit our website - adcb.com

Old 06-17-2014, 08:04 AM
fifo capital fifo capital is offline
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Default Re: What is the use of Credit card??

card issued by any financial company is given to you as an option to borrow funds, usually at point of sales. Credit cards charge interest and are mostly used for short-term financing.

Old 09-06-2014, 06:36 AM
William_Sze William_Sze is offline
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Default Re: What is the use of Credit card??

The credit card helps you to shopping from the shop or online. but in my case i am using my card only for emergency purpose. I am taking the service from Alliance Bankcard Services .

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