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Default Re: Mercy bestowed to the worlds

Someone told me
Animals depending on what kind also understand good vibes from humans like children.

We also need mercy like animals from Allah (subhanala ta'la)

Someone told me
Again, an excellent post and a reminder of the moral goodness within Islam

This post is extraordinarily interesting and should make dog owners think twice.
my brother

you can ask anything you want in islam and inshaallah i will answer you

you're welcome always
I am pleased to report that the nation of Costa Rica has demonstrated agreement with this precept by banning sport hunting.

It is my sincere hope that the other nations of the world will follow in Costa Rica's footsteps.
Given what we have already discussed, I consider this a wholesome development. Romania follows in the footsteps of Costa Rica (to a certain extent).

Oh, yes, animals understand far more than we think. They too have feelings for each other ... and for us.

In the Holy Qur'an, doesn't it say, animals, too, have their communities?
I read your post Love and mercy over and over and get not tired, it's lovely

Excellent and thank you. I recall the injunction in the Holy Qur'an stating that you must feed your animals before you feed yourself. An intelligent and selfless thing to do.
I had no idea Muhammad did/said any of that about animals. Interesting

i convert to islam because i love jesus
i convert to islam after watching this video !

Christian Converts to Islam. Must See Ending -'Live' Street Dawah
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