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Default Re: Mercy bestowed to the worlds

This is very important

Do you think that the world of insects and animals
Live without obligations and punishment for his mistakes?

You are completely mistaken
And need more learning

Among the proven information that studies the
behavior of the animal world where the courts
of the Ravens and prosecute any individual
group comes out on its own according to the
laws of justice innate set by God Almighty to
them, and each group when the Ravens offense
punishable own.

Food rape young chicks: punishment requiring
that a group of crows pluck feathers crow
until the aggressor incapable of flight
small prior to the completion of

And the crime of rape or destroy the nest:
Ravens only court to compel the aggressor to
build a new nest to nest the victim.

The crime of assault on a female crow last:
it requires a group to kill the aggressor
Ravens ,crows beak beaten to death.

The court sits normally in a field of
agricultural fields or in the land of wide,
gathered where the Court on time, and brings
Crow accused under heavy guard, and his trial
begins Phoenix head, lowers his wings, and
holding a recognition of guilt for crowing.

If sentenced to death, jumped a group of
crows on the expansion of the comet apart
beak sharp until he dies, and then
carried by a crows beak to dig his grave
compatible with the size of his body, which
he puts the body of the dead crow and then
hurl it out of respect for the sanctity of
the dust of death

And thus assess the crows of divine justice
in the earth better than hosted many of the
sons of Adam

VIA Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah (sobhanallah),this
reminds us that God's law and the provisions
of the Holy Qur'an torah,gospel, which Muslims applied
كيف تكاثرت البشرية من آدم و حواء عليهما السلام؟ محاضرات د ذاكر بالعربية YouTube
سألت عن الإسلام وهي تضحك فأسلمت وهي تبكي .-الشيخ ذاكر نايك

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