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Default When do I re-finance

Given the housing market turmoil I have no idea what to do. I have to refinance a 5 yr-ARM w/2yrs left (good rate)....$288k

A second that I took out to fund an addition (good rate) $89k

CC Debt I also took to finish the addition (promo rate)$36k

And I need to repay my 401K loan (addition) $48k

So I owe $461k...My house is worth $584,500. on zillow. (I can't add link as it's my first post but the address is 32 Washington 02038

My plan was to build enough equity into the home to roll everything together. I figured the improved home's cost would be worth the debt to invest into it. Realistically my home would probably appraise to anywhere between $450-$500k so the most I'd be able to borrow is probably around $400k. Not enough. With this Wall St crisis, how long until the credit crunch eases and home sales pick up in my town enough to provide the essential comps I can use to get that $584k appraisal that I need to start over. FICO score is around 700 at last check. Incidentally, times are really tough now due to the added debt I incurred to get the work done. I'm sitting on a great piece of property but I don't know how long I can wait to get the most bang for my buck.

IF anyone is interested in my plight, I'd be very interested in hearing about possible solutions.
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