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Default Re: How many credit cards do you have?

A Target Bank card, $0 balance. The interest rate was horrible. Iíll keep it open as a line of credit, but probably never use it again. The CL is $3800. They cut the CL from $6000 to $3800 about 8 months ago for no reason so I donít want to deal with them.

A Capitol One card. $150 Balance. CL $2000. Interest @ 17.99% High but not really an issue because I PIF every month anyway, if/when I use it. I use this card for things like hotels/airfare because Iím not really okay with putting hotels/airfare on my checking account/debit card. It is a rewards card but I donít use it enough to get the rewards.

A Best Buy store card. Current balance $75. Will be PIF next week. Iím not 100% sure of the rate offhand. Not really an issue because I never use it. The charge thatís there is because I forgot my debit card at home and for some reason, had my BB card on me when I needed the geek squad. Heh.. CL is $1800.

A Care Credit card. This is probably the worst of the lot. I will never use this card again. CL is something like $8500. Interest is insane. Keeping open to help with utilization on my report only.

Iím pretty sure I have other open cards out there but I donít keep copies of them anymore and they have not had balances in years. Like store cards, Meineke cards etc.

Aside from hotels/airfare, I canít remember the last time I used a cc for anything.
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