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Default Re: How to Plan a Travel?

There is value in travel insurance for those who are seeking these benefits. Understand that some of these benefits may be covered by health insurance, your credit card company, your airline, or maybe some others. But most travellers have no idea what is covered and who covers it. This just puts it in one clean package for them.

If you have pre-existing medical conditions or are travelling to an unfamiliar, high risk country, then I could definitely see value in having the insurance.

Just always weigh the cost versus the risk. Understand that the insurance company makes money because most of these benefits are likely NOT to occur, but offers the protection to those who want to be sure they are covered. I'd also be concerned and would want to see the claims-paying history of the company providing the insurance. Some companies say they will cover these benefits and then deny your claim later because of some loophole. Research the insurance company heavily.
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