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Default Re: What is the best time to invest in real estate?

Great question, and thanks for asking to answer.

I am in the real estate business so I am always pursuing a property investment at any given point of time. There has never been a bad time to invest because I am closely in touch with the market and I take due diligence quite seriously.


Well, people tend to forget that real estate is large, complex and a localized sort of a business. There is always action somewhere, the important thing is to be in touch with the market and do the groundwork before investing. To make you sense, I've a 1 bhk in baner, pune. Before selling it I will analyse the market. I look for profit margin and numerous factors. In real estate it is termed as market research.

Unfortunately, I have seen even experienced folks get carried away and try to maximize growth by over-leveraging or agreeing to terms that won't make sense if the 'timing' turns out to be wrong. I wouldn't worry too much about 'missing the bus'. At the same time, people tend to be overcautious when there is a 'slowdown' and so many expert reviews are made available by the media.

I would say...don't let your money sit idle waiting for the 'right time' but be very thorough with your research. Next thing you know, you'll be hitting all your targets regardless of how the economy is doing!
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