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Default Re: TradeWiseFX - The Smart Way To Trade!

Do you like saving money? If the answer is yes than look no further - TradeWiseFX offers the best way to save money. We are glad to tell you about our Prepaid Trading Account

A prepaid trading account is an excellent way to save up to 30% on trading commissions for frequent traders.

You will receive a reduction on commissions after choosing a prepayment plan that best suits your needs.

What is a prepaid trading account?

A prepaid trading account is an innovative and great solution for EA and high frequency traders to lower their trading costs. If you know you trade frequently you can opt in to pay a certain amount of commissions in the beginning of the month and receive lower commissions in return.

How does it work?

Let's say you take the "Bronze" prepaid account package. You open an account, make a deposit and opt in for a prepaid account. After you deposit we will reserve $500 from the account for the coming month for which you will receive a 10 % reduction in commissions. In the end of the month we will rebate from the prepaid account according to your trading volume up to the $500. If you trade more than $500 worth it will still be with the 10% price reduction. In case you trade less than the $500 we will just charge the amount from the prepaid account.

NOTE - With TradeWiseFX you can deposit and withdraw your funds with absolutely no commission charges.
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