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Default how to deal with student loan debt

hey all me and my fiancee are both 29 we met in college and have a lot of student loan debt, she was paying on hers every month a few years back until sallymae missed several payments (by not taking the amount out of her account) and blamed it on her and now her loans are in default cause she just gave up (not the first time it had happened)

my loans have been in default for a lot longer than hers and i have never put any money into it, i think the private loans have been forgiven or they no longer go after it i am not sure,

but lately after not having a decent full time job since 2010 i now make a decent amount of money but not enough to put money towards the student loans to try and fix my credit which is what i want to do

but whenever i talk to the debt collectors they will not budge on how much they want me to pay, i want to pay under 100 a month but they want 250-700 a month!

my question is how do i go about getting my credit back in line so we can get a house and really start our lives?
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