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Default How much would you/have you paid for your websites?

I'm curious to know how much an average agent spends on their website and how much the average broker pays for their website. Obviously there are a million variables. Many of us have created our own sites which cost us nothing up front but if you look at all the time we put into them it could easily exceed $50,000

I'm also curious as to how much more top ranking web agents and web brokers spend on their sites.
For the sake of argument lets call a top ranking agent someone who makes $100K+ with most of their deals originating on the net.

Are there many top web agents who don't create their own site or at least add alot of their own content to a template?
(Is it possible to pay for a complete package site that gets well ranked without any additional effort from the Realtor?)

Is there a direct correlation between what you spend and where you rank?

What's the most you've ever heard of someone (broker or agent) paying for a site?

I built my first two sites myself and then paid for another one when I realized I had no idea how to query idx data or write php code.
Site 1 Free
Site 2 Free
Site 3 around $12,000 give or take a thousand.

All of the sites including the expensive one needed extensive marketing and content added by me to make them rank well. I don't think it's possible to have a well ranked site without a good deal of work no matter how much you pay. Can someone prove me wrong? Even the best template site without unique content and marketing won't rank well will it?
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