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Default Re: Being Financially Free

Hi David :

Thank you for your kind remarks.

When I was your age although I was a practicing Endodontist (root canal specialist) in Mexico ,the little money I made I lost it all and went into foreclosure, bankruptcy and divorce. At the Amway meetings I used to attend in Mexico they used to say that for the Chinnese a crisis was an opportunity for change. I later moved back to NYC my hometown and I met my new wife one or two weeks after I moved to rent a room in her house back in the year 1997. I was 39 years old.

It took me many years of hard study and trial and error doing real estate that I am slowly grasping the concepts. You have noticed I recommend The transforming Debt Into Wealth System . That's because I was financially illiterate.

Now I am 53 year old , happily remarried after 13 years and financially literate. I am almost 20 years older than you. I think you are doing great.

David do not hesitate to buy the Tao Of Warren Buffett by Mary Buffett and David Clarkthe book is full of wisdom , clearly written and hands on. It took me like 6 years to apply all of Warren Buffett's concepts along with the concepts of Benjamin Graham (Warren's mentor ). If anyone has not read the books by Mary Buffett and David Clark you are littering a chance to be wealthy.

I was a real estate investor but I have been ill for three years. I can't do more fixer uppers and renting units scare me.

So one night i figure out how to bring $5000.00 monthly and I then saw your post the one I placed here and I was so impressed by your ken vision despite your young age.

Thank you for accepting me and your remarks about my plan uplift me. By the way my Fannie Mae went up another .020 cents. to .0335.

Dr Alfredo A. Atwater
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