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Smile Re: Need to know if I'm getting ripped off :/

Originally Posted by fukuninja View Post
I work for a new startup company. I do web development. Currently, they are paying me 30K salary and offering stock options.. I'm working 50 - 60 hour weeks no overtime, plus paid weekends. They stopped paying weekends now because salaried employees receiving over 455/week are not required to receive overtime pay (I confirmed this). They are stating that I must work weekends because I receive stock options and have ownership, so I should treat this like my own company, though the options are not yet available and I have not bought any. The company is currently private; the options are vested over a span of 4 years if and when I buy them.

Here is my situation: My bosses disrespect me whenever they want, belittle me, question my skills unreasonably, make me do things irrelevant to my job description, blame things on me that aren't my fault, blatantly lie about things to try to put me in the wrong, and dismiss any creative contributions I may have to offer. These are people that know nothing about the web.

I am required to do front-end development and junior back end programming. I also do IT, graphic design, and random errands on the side (beside the other crap they make me do when I have to work at their house). All of this stuff I do exceptionally well, always make sure not to make mistakes, and immediately correct them if I do.

I would like to know if I'm getting exploited. I feel like I am. I am really stressed out.

What do you guys think? Legit? Or am I just being a little girl?
You must change the company bro.
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