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Default Estate Agent Credit Check

Hi, I'm a first time forum user, so please be gentle!
I currently live with my partner in a small flat and the tenancy is in his name. We are applying for the flat below us which is much larger. The estate agent has stated that we need to do a joint application as I am being added to the tenancy and this is a new application so will cost is 200. That's fine, but I am worried about the credit check and what it involves. A number of years ago, I was in debt and have since paid these off and still have a monthly payment plan in place with Lowell Finance at 10 per month.I have two credit cards that I pay off each month and a mobile phone contract. My partner doesn't work, but we have never defaulted on the rent once. How in-depth are the checks? I'm so worried that they will reject us, even though they are our current landlords anyway. Any information would be appreciated
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