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Default Re: How much would you/have you paid for your websites?

When I visit a website that resembles any of the typical templates, I go somewhere else.

If a site is professionally done, looks unique/different, and has credible sources, I'm more apt to spend time there (and therefore, spend money there).

Lastly, I don't trust anything that says the words FREE, and I don't sign up for any newsletters or other free information. If the product isn't good enough to require money to purchase on its own merits, then why should I take the chance with it?

I'm not happy with the quality of my site and am working with a professional web designer to build exactly what we want. We have a lot of compliance to deal with so it requires a lot of time and patience. Our estimated overall cost will be close to $20k, with about $1-2k per year in maintenance fees, etc.
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