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Default Re: Older couple Lot's of Debt

Originally Posted by jeanw View Post
Need some advise on which direction to take, We are an older couple(60's) who own a home in the Atlantic provinces for 39 years. The mortgage is through a financial institution with a very high interest rate. We have forty thousand dollars credit card debt. Due to lack of work with no income coming in, my husband has been working out west for the last 2 years, while I stay home in the maritimes looking after our home and working seasonally. My husband has to pay rent and living costs out west. It has been very hard. We do not want to loose our home where we have raised our kids, it's the main reason why we are apart...hold on to our home. We have defaulted on 2 of our credit cards. There isn't any money left after paying our monthly to pay debt. We are at a point in our lives where this has to stop. We need to be together but don't know how to get out of this mess. Bankruptcy?, consolidation?, which direction, any advice would help
Have you tried to talk to the lenders?
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