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Default Re: Financial Hardship for years, Trying to Recover (Long)

Here's some detailed information, if you can't tell, I'm really anxious to start working on this and get a plan of attack.

Listed as Collections on Credit Report
HolcoRecv, Collection Act., $608.00
DISCOVER, $3316.00
Check-Into-Cash, Paid, account was a collection, $0.00
MWH, Paid, account was a collection, $0.00
AFNI/Nextel, Collection Act., $733.00
Columbia Gas, Seriously Delinquent, $85.00
Nat. Credit Adjusters, Collection Agency, pay $75 monthly to DISCOVER balance, $3316.00
Navy FCU, Auto Loan, $15,652.00
Prime Care, Collection Act., $121.00
Hollywood Video, Seriously Delinquent, $203.00
Adelphia, Seriously Delinquent, $713.00

Listed under the Acount Info on Credit Report
ACC Consumer Finance, Auto, Charge-off, $2093.00
Chase, Auto-Paid as agreed, current
CTI Bank/DFS, Charge-off, $2407.00
DISCOVER, Charge-off, $2800.00
HSBC (Credit Card), Paid as agreed, current
Navy FCU, Charge-off, $0.00
Navy FCU, Acount paid as agreed, PAID (Closed by consumer), $22,500.00
Navy FCU, Charge-off, $11,088.00
Navy FCU, Credit Card, PAID (Closed)
Navy FCU, (Credit Card) Charge-off, $2906.00
Navy FCU, (Credit Card) Charge-off, $632.00
Navy FCU, Auto Charge-off, $15,988.00
Sallie Mae, Student Loan (Deferred), Current
USAA, (Credit Card) Charge-off, $2101.00

As you can see there is some double reporting from institution as well as collection account. As stated before, I'm nearing my 7-year SOL for some of the accounts. There are a number smaller accounts that can be paid off easily. Also, none of these accounts in collections are being charged interest, they've been the exact same balances for years. Thanks.

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