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Default Re: Forex Signals Updates

Currency pair level of 20-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1646 R2-1.1703 S1-1.1532 S2-1.1474
USDJPY R1-110.59 R2-111.11 S1-110.07 S2-109.55
GBPUSD R1-1.3249 R2-1.3323 S1-1.3125 S2-1.3076
USDCHF R1-0.9975 R2-1.0007 S1-0.9914 S2-0.9885
AUDUSD R1-0.7425 R2-0.7468 S1-0.7343 S2-0.7304
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