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Default Re: Should I file bankruptcy, or not?

Originally Posted by Li'l Pluck View Post
Oh, believe me, I know. And thank you for the advice.

I'm already planning on consulting with a bankruptcy attorney, but considering that such a person might not be as unbiased as I'd like, do you have suggestions for other kinds of professionals with whom I might consult?
First things first. CUT UP THE CREDIT CARDS (if you haven't already).

Consulting with a bankrupcy attorney is like asking a used car salesman if you need a "new" car. The answer will be yes. Consult with other financial entities. Posting your question here is a great start.

Can you move back home and deliver pizzas? It seems that people that have been laid off have only been searching for that perfect job. Take whatever you can get at this time. Income is income, no matter the source. Deliver pizza, shovel driveways, offer to mow neighbor's yards, etc. Move in with your mom, take care of "you" and throw any extra income at the debt.
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